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Deezer Music Arrives at Apple Watch after Several Months of Waiting

It has been several months since Deezer Music included support for CarPlay. However, it has not been until now that the streaming music service has been updated to version 6.0.0 to become compatible with the Apple Watch .

As you can see below, the Deezer Music application for the Apple Watch brings numerous features to the user’s wrist through the small display of the watch . This is because users of this music service who have an Apple Watch can now manage what they listen to without taking their iPhone out of their pocket.

Deezer Music is now also compatible with your Apple Watch

Deezer Music Arrives at Apple Watch after Several Months of Waiting
Deezer Music Arrives at Apple Watch after Several Months of Waiting

The new version 6.0.0 of the Deezer Music app for iOS brings several new features, but the most notable is undoubtedly the expected support for the Apple Watch. So if you are a user of this streaming music platform and also have an Apple Watch you are in luck, because everything will now be much faster and easier to manage .

The Apple Watch gives you access to several features through the Deezer Music app. For example, you can access your favourite music, Flow, the latest hits and your custom mixes wherever and whenever you want from the watch.

In addition, has controls for switching between songs, pausing or playing them, marking them with a heart if you like them , adding music to the playlist or setting it to play randomly or to repeat, and many other features. As you can see, the Deezer Music app on the Apple Watch is quite comprehensive yet simple to use, which is always appreciated.

Another new feature included in version 6.0.0 of Deezer Music is that numerous discoveries and recommendations have been added to your Flow . Finally, the ability to unlink devices associated with your Deezer account from your mobile phone has been added.

Deezer Music is a music streaming platform that is completely free of charge thanks to advertising, but if you want you have the option to upgrade to the Premium+ model to enjoy your favourite music without being bothered by the ads – choose the option that suits you best!

Download Deezer Music on your iPhone and Apple Watch

Deezer Music is available free of charge from the App Store or by clicking on this link. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, and from now on also with the Apple Watch .

And you, are you a Deezer Music user? How do you like the brand new support with the Apple Watch?