DEAD TRIGGER 2: Survival in the App Store

Fight to survive the zombie apocalypse in this fast-paced first-person shooter. Choose from an incredible arsenal of combat weapons and face the undead in terrifying settings around the world.
There are already more than 60 million players fighting for the future of humanity. What are you waiting for?

“Hours of fun in short sessions or long hours of vice.” –

DEAD TRIGGER 2: Survival in the App Store
DEAD TRIGGER 2: Survival in the App Store

“Includes everything good from the first game, but improved.” –


The universe of Dead Trigger 2 keeps expanding its horizons. Each update includes completely new content to make the experience even more enjoyable.
– Blow your way through ten different regions and explore 33 different environments.

– Choose your favorite bomb-killer from 50 types of weapons. Tune up your aim and… shoot them in the skull!
– Immerse yourself in the most frenetic action thanks to more than 600 playable scenarios, including a solo campaign, global missions and secondary missions. Earn achievements, complete challenges and receive money exclusive to the game.

some of the most exciting graphics

Get ready to be amazed by our state-of-the-art graphics and enjoy the real-time water reflections, dynamic vegetation and improved physics. Explore different locations and kill zombies in the most diverse environments: from deserted mines in Africa to remote alleys in Shanghai – the apocalypse in high definition!


– Brutal enemies: Some zombies may be easy to kill for the more experienced shooters, but with most bosses you’ll have to spend more than one bullet. Meet Kamikaze, Vomitron and a handful of undead willing to annihilate you in the most creative ways.
– Cool Weapons: Practice hand-to-hand combat with weapons like the Big Hammer, the Boat Engine, or the Machete; choose your favorite! And don’t forget the Exploding Chicken, Rocket Chicken and the special machine gun mounted on a pile of chickens. You’re going to love them.
– Real Time Story: Join the global Resistance and don’t miss out on news about the game’s development, as players’ actions can directly affect the outcome of the war. Explore the different types of operations, divided into Story mode, global missions and side quests.


– Tournaments with real prizes: Get ready to shoot for real! Fight in the arena alongside players from all over the world, with different rules every week gladiator style. Plus, in the new Purgatory arena, you can become a legend.
– Fingers are more powerful than guns: Choose between a touch control system designed for casual gamers and a virtual joystick for first-person shooters. And if you’re more of a console guy, go for it! Dead Trigger 2 is MOGA compatible.
– Explore your personal hideout and discover the gunsmith, the scientist, the smuggler and the engineer. These NPCs will help you on your way to survival while unlocking the most amazing weapons and artifacts.

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