Day One is the App Store’s free app of the week

If you like to keep track of what you do each day, the app Apple has placed as app of the week from the App Store is for you, Day One.

This is an app that allows you to keep a digital diary (or several). Thanks to the app you will be able to create records with text, photos, audio, etc, etc… of what you do in your day to day or of the most important events of your life.

Day One is the App Store’s free app of the week
Day One is the App Store’s free app of the week

The app comes with versions for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and also Mac , so you can keep your diary on any of these devices and keep all your data in sync with each other.

The habit of keeping a personal or professional journal can be very useful. It allows you to record everything you do every day and be able to consult it at any time. In addition, for many people it becomes a kind of therapy. With Day One you can keep this diary digitally, from any device and in a comfortable and safe way.

As is logical in an app of this type, it has advanced functions such as the possibility of keeping an automatic record of activity : publications on social networks, registration of locations, steps, climate of the day and the location where you do the registration, etc, etc…

It also has export functions that allow you to save the diaries in PDF format in case you want to stop using the app at any time or even order a printed book with the diary information .

From the box below you can download the Day One app completely free because Apple has chosen it as the App Store’s app of the week.

How about the idea of keeping a record of your day-to-day?

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