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darktable, el LightRoom open source


If you are a photography fan you can try to install and open this version, I with the version that has disk image, the 0.9.2 that I link below, I have not succeeded, if you get it you will see that the interface is intuitive and looks quite like Lightroom (judging by the captures I could see).

darktable, el LightRoom open source
darktable, el LightRoom open source

It has support for plugins and doesn’t seem to lack anything that other commercial applications have. Other software than for its zero license cost and its high quality deserves to be installed just to give it a chance, when it can, of course. As they say (I have not yet been able to get it to work on my MacBook, I am waiting for the release of the stable version 1.0 for OS X) its operation is fast and its interface somewhat different from Lightroom but not necessarily much more complex. Besides, from its official page you have a pretty basic manual to start using it.

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