Darkroom, a photo editor

Darkroom (Gratis)

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Darkroom, a photo editor
Darkroom, a photo editor

One of the closest battles, or at least the most crowded, on the App Store has been that of the photo editors. Since the iPhone is the most used camera, as noted by services such as Flickr, it is normal that this type of application is the order of the day. To fight in this segment we must try to differentiate from the competition , which as we said is wide, and Darkroom is born with that intention, will it be enough to become the winner? Let’s see it.

With a clean interface differentiation, or at least offering a series of rarely seen variants is the hallmark of Darkroom. One of the most interesting options, which is presented in the form of in-app purchase, are the curves through which we will be able to look for the best tonality for our photographs when accessing the RGB channels. Besides this, and as it comes being habitual in this type of applications, a series of filters are included with the novelty of being able to create our own to be able to use them in any photo.

Another aspect to emphasize is the access to the complete history of modifications , by means of which Darkroom saves all the modifications made so we will not have problems if once applied a change we think it better and we want to go back to another point of the edition.

It’s a pity that I haven’t taken advantage of the benefits and options that iOS 8 offers to this type of applications, which by the way, like many other things, developers are being too lazy to implement, and we can’t enjoy an extension from the photo reel. We will have to follow closely its developers and their successive updates to see how it evolves what is one of the most interesting photo-editing applications in the App Store. The definitive one perhaps?

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