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Cydia’s creator says the jailbreak should have ended with iOS 9

The iOS operating system has been with us for more than 10 years, but that doesn’t mean it has changed much in that time. Although it suffered a “big” transformation with the seventh update in terms of design, leaving aside skeumorphism and adopting a flatter interface, its philosophy is the same: closed and with few customization options .

To add new features or a look not approved by Apple you have to use the jailbreak. This technique breaks the security of the iPhone and iPad , allowing you to install package managers such as Cydia to install themes, tweaks and other tools.

Cydia’s creator says the jailbreak should have ended with iOS 9
Cydia’s creator says the jailbreak should have ended with iOS 9

You could say that the jailbreak is almost as old as iOS . It appeared in the early versions of Apple’s mobile operating system and is still with us. In fact, the latest vulnerable version is iOS 12. However, one of its main beneficiaries believes that it should have ended a long time ago.

The name Jay Freeman may not ring a bell with many people, but it does Saurik . This is the developer behind Cydia , the package manager that has accompanied the jailbreak since its inception. Saurik is no longer as active in the community as he once was, and this is reflected in the fact that Cydia does not receive as many updates as it once did. This, along with the appearance of Sileo, a new package manager, bodes well for the death of Cydia.

Saurik doesn’t seem to have much desire to continue his development. In one of his most recent tweets he comments that the jailbreak should end in iOS 9 , or maybe ante. This statement is supported by the departure of many of the most important developers in the community, leaving it in the hands of some “thugs”.

Surely, the most faithful users to this practice do not see sense in their words, but the truth is that the jailbreak is performed less and less, and is more than likely to disappear some day not too far away .

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