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Cydia HiddenConvos’ Tweak allows you to hide messages

I’m sure most of you have a friend who always takes the opportunity to read all our messages and gossip a little bit whenever you put your iPhone aside. If you want to prevent this from happening we recommend the tweak by Cydia HiddenConvos , a utility for hiding conversations in the iOS Messages app.

HiddenConvos allows us to protect our messages and keep them safe by hiding specific conversations from the native Apple iMessage application with a simple touch gesture.

How does HiddenConvos work?

Cydia HiddenConvos’ Tweak allows you to hide messages
Cydia HiddenConvos’ Tweak allows you to hide messages

Once this tweak is installed on Cydia, by going to the iMessage application and sliding your finger to the left over a particular conversation, new options will appear.

Normally only one “Delete” button is shown, but with HiddenConvos a new option called “Hide” will be included.

Apart from this, the tweak HiddenConvos doesn’t offer many additional functions for our messages and conversations, but there is no doubt that despite its simplicity it is a quite interesting and useful tool.

But what if we want to show the hidden messages again? Very easy, to make them appear again just click on the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the application and click on “Unhide All”.

When you perform this action, all hidden conversations will reappear in the iMessage app. One of the most interesting things about HiddenConvos is that, in addition to hiding messages, it also silences all notifications from hidden conversations.

After installing HiddenConvos, as we mentioned before, there are no configuration settings , we can simply start tweak and hide conversations from the Messages app. Although it is true that an option to change languages is missing, for example.

To chat with the person in the conversation that has been hidden, we will have to send a new message, but this will keep all the previous dialogue hidden.

HiddenConvos is a tweak that will allow us to hide the messages of any conversation to keep them safe and protected from prying eyes. It works correctly and in a very simple way.

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Download HiddenConvos

This tweak can be downloaded on Cydia through the BigBoss source or repo for free, as our iPhoneHacks partners tell us. Let us know what you think about HiddenConvos after trying it from the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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