Cydia appears on Android after years on our iDevices

Cydia Substrate

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Cydia appears on Android after years on our iDevices
Cydia appears on Android after years on our iDevices

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Android users are in luck, because the most popular application on the iPhone with jailbreak lands on the green android. We are talking about none other than Cydia, the tweaks cataloguer available on iPhone since the beginning of the jailbreak in iOS. Now we can use some of the iPhone tweaks and it will also be possible to get it from the Play Store or the official Cydia website.

Surely few expected such news to come true, but it has already materialized: Cydia is available for Android. Perhaps no one expected this because in Android there are no restrictions on what the user can do with his phone , however Saurik has ventured to launch the Mobile Substrate for Android.

And what will this new arrival mean for Android users? Well, that many of the tweaks available for the jailbreak, will also be usable in Android. For example, Winterboard is already available, and it will be possible to change the look of Android with applicable themes. Somehow is intended to group all the system customization theme into one application instead of APKs scattered around the Internet or the Play Store.

Best of all, it will be available for almost any Android phone, from 2.3 to the latest version. As expected, we will need to have our Android rooted and when Cydia starts it will download the Substrate . In any case, the download will be available from both the official Cydia website and the Google Play store.

Google doesn’t care what applications are in your app store, as long as they don’t contain malware . However, something like Cydia would be unthinkable in Apple’s app store .

Let’s see how this classic is received in the land of the iPhonera by Android users. However, I think it’s a great achievement to be able to use certain tweaks of the iPhone on an Android phone, and above all to be able to have lots of customizations for our smartphone in one place.


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