Cut the Rope 2 – Trucos para iPad, iPad Mini y iPhone (5, 5s y 5c)

The application is available for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

Who hasn’t been playing and has stayed at a level that they can’t get past. That’s when you start to think that there has to be a way to get through it : ” Someone must have been through it… I’m going to look on the internet to see if there’s any trick or guide to getting through it “.

If that’s your situation with Cut the Rope 2, you don’t need to look any further on the Internet, because here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to the game . This will make it easier for you to help Om Nom get their precious candies.

Cut the Rope 2 – Trucos para iPad, iPad Mini y iPhone (5, 5s y 5c)
Cut the Rope 2 – Trucos para iPad, iPad Mini y iPhone (5, 5s y 5c)

There are many ways to play and pass the levels, which makes this game more fun and so popular. Because of that, Cut the Rope 2 is full of different ways to earn bonus points , unlock additional levels, find secret items to complete additional challenges and so on.

We hope these ten tricks will make it easier for you to complete the game. Good luck and let’s play!

1. There may be more than one way to feed Om Nom

Getting the precious candy for our little green monster to eat is the goal of the game and what is necessary to get through the level. Many levels are very simple and cutting the rope is a matter of seconds. But other times it’s not so easy and you have to hit your brain to solve the level.

In addition, in some cases, by thinking and thinking, you can find methods to complete the level by saving time and increasing the score at the same time .

2. Restart without fear, there is no limit

Don’t worry if you can’t solve the screen at first and need several opportunities. As the game progresses, the levels become more complicated .

So it’s okay to try cutting the string here, not there, but it’s better when you do this… if you make a mistake you can reset the screen . In fact it is advisable, if you don’t see it very clearly, to investigate the screen and see what options you have available to solve the puzzle.

3. Get all three stars to be at the top of the Game Center ranking

If you like to challenge and do your best at each level, getting the maximum possible score and stars , you will have to get through the screen as fast as possible and in the way that gives you the most points.

But if you’re one of those who don’t care about scores and just want to move up a level, one star will be enough to get you to the next screen.

At Game Center you can view the scores and see if you are one of the top performers, or one of those who need to give the game more hours to improve the score.

4. Explore the screen to recognize your friends, your enemies, and the obstacles

Between the candy and Om Nom there are usually things that come between them and you have to save them so they can eat them. So explore the screen well, touch everything you need to touch, and reboot as many times as you need to, as we said in the second tip.

Remember that Om Nom has in this second part with the Nommies, their helpers to get the precious candy . Click on them to see how they can help.

5. Get the additional levels of each stage

Each stage of the game has a total of 20 levels. In addition to these, you can unlock five more by using two options.

One of them consists of finding all the medals on that level or finding the missing clovers. The latter would not be so difficult to collect and the former can be an additional challenge to the game.

The second way to get these extra screens, is pay 1.99 Euro to unlock them . In addition we can buy another set of packs or the complete game with all levels already unlocked. The choice is yours.

6. Ration the aids to solve the screens

At the beginning of the game, we are given a series of aids to help us solve the screen where we are stuck. If we use them too lightly, we will reach a level that we cannot pass and we will have to resort to our credit card to buy more helps.

Therefore, if we use them with a head and save the ones the game gives us, we can have aids available for when we need them most .

7. Patience is the queen of science

If we have the patience to get all the stars in each level, we can get some kind of surprise boxes in which we can include, for example, clothes or hats to decorate our little green monster.

The surprises included in these special boxes will not help you to pass on the game, but they will help to make the game more fun and entertaining , especially if the player is the little one in the house.

8. Remember that you have auxiliary elements to facilitate your level

In addition to the Nommies, there are a number of items that will help Om Nom get their beloved candy . You’ll often find that without them there’s no way to get through the screen; use them for that.

If you’re stuck in a level, refresh your mind by looking at the elements you have available and how they might fit into the solution of the problem. But as we said in the help tip, use them in moderation and with head ; you may run out of them too soon.

9. Play the same game on several devices

If you play at home with the iPad and outside with the iPhone, don’t worry because by activating the iCloud Sync option you can have the same game on several devices . Forget about playing only one game or having two different games.

This option must be enabled on every device you will play on and is disabled by default .

10. Customize your Om Nom

One day you wake up and think you need a makeover . You can go to the hairdresser, grow a beard, take off your beard… because with Om Nom you can do the same.

In her wardrobe you will find wigs, costumes, hats and other objects that you will go unlocking or buying throughout the game . It’s better to be dead than simple. You can also change the appearance of the candy to suit your taste.

And you, what trick or strategy do you follow to complete the levels?

This series of tips is offered by iMore, but we would like to know some tips that you can give that are not on this list and that can help other players . We also want to know how you’re doing in the game, if you’re stuck in a level or how you’re dressing your little green monster. What can you tell us?

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