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Customizing the iOS Notes background with lines, grid, and more

Esta es Notas, la aplicación injustamente ignorada que puede llegar a sustituir a Word

Notes for iOS is one of those applications that always seems to be in the background but is actually constantly being updated with powerful new options. The big leap has been made with the arrival of iOS 11, document scanning and annotation with the Apple Pencil. And yet, has many other options that are not always in view of everyone.

Customizing the iOS Notes background with lines, grid, and more
Customizing the iOS Notes background with lines, grid, and more

The Notes problem in iOS and macOS is for many the fact that it is a transitional application . On the one hand, it has the latest Apple software features, such as dialing or scanning documents. However, on the other hand it still retains features from iOS 6 and earlier versions. For example, trying to imitate paper notebooks, the background has a rough texture and the fonts have an internal shading that despite imitating the pressure of the pen on the paper, makes it very difficult to read.

One thing it does keep from the skeumorphism of the old versions of iOS that it should not lose is the grid and lines. Just like the notebooks, which we can buy with a grid, with lines or just blank sheets. In iOS we can easily apply this type of format to the background , to draw more accurately on the note:

  1. Opens an existing note from the Notes app in iOS or a new note.
  2. Press the Share button at the top right.
  3. Press Lines and Grids.
  4. Choose one of the three line options, one of the three grid options or the blank format.

There, the format chosen will appear on the note so that you can write or draw comfortably with your finger or an Apple Pencil . Touching the background you will see two sliders appear at the top and bottom, with them you can extend or minimize the size of the grid or lines. This really comes in handy when scribbling while you’re taking notes, as it allows you to apply a certain proportion quickly.

WWDC 2018 is coming up, and Notes for iOS is one of the apps that has a chance to get an update, even if it’s a minor one. The most urgent thing? Abandon skeumorphism definitively and allow the use of Markdown format for writing, an option that Apple is asked for since the first versions. Meanwhile, Bear is an example of all that should be Notes.

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