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customizing our icons with Aicon

With the arrival of the new year there are things that do not change and one of them is this section in which every week we try to present some way to change the look of our device or improve its usability, always using the Jailbreak. For this occasion we are going to focus on changing the look of the icons using Aicon, a tweak that we have available in Cydia.

Another delivery that we face in the section Tuning iOS. And it’s getting harder and harder to find ways and methods to customize our device, as we’ve already implemented quite a few methods to alter the look and feel of our terminals . This time we’re going to try to give it a fresh twist by changing the perhaps most eye-catching and visible element, which are the icons. To get to a good end in our purpose we are going to use Aicon, a tweak that we can find in Cydia , more exactly and officially, in the BigBoss repository, at a price of 1.99 euros.

customizing our icons with Aicon
customizing our icons with Aicon

This utility will allow us to choose between eleven different styles of icons ; so alongside the classic black and white, saturated or sepia ones, we will have other more modern ones, which exponentially increases the number of possibilities to change the look.

Once the application has been installed, the system will perform a respring and you will find a new icon on the screen, with the name of Aicon . When we open it the different types of icons grouped, as we said before, by style and to apply them we only have to select the desired one and then the button Home . At that point the style chosen will be visible on the icons on our Springboard . If at any point you don’t like the option you chose or you simply want to go back to the original icons, just click on the option Restore and everything will be as it was initially.

Aicon is a tweak for which at least one terminal using iOS 5 or higher is required , being compatible with the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone in any of their versions. As you can see a very simple system and yet apart from a substantial change in appearance, did you find it useful? What is your favourite tweak with which you achieve a radical change in your device?

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