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Customize your Apple Watch complications to the max

Watchsmith is one of those apps that seems complex at first. But as soon as you look inside it you are surprised by the amount of possibilities it offers. This is an app that allows to customize the complications of Apple Watch to the maximum, with an additional twist. With this app, you can program a schedule so complications change automatically.

A world of “complicated” complications

As we have seen on other occasions, complications are an element that comes from traditional horology. The Apple Watch incorporates them in different spheres, increasing the possibilities and usefulness of the device on the wrist. Developers can add their own, expanding their app but rarely have we seen such a variety of complications.

Customize your Apple Watch complications to the max
Customize your Apple Watch complications to the max

While a traditional watch requires a complex system of gears to provide information other than the date and time, these restrictions do not exist in an electronic device . The Apple Watch is like a canvas on which to display whatever we want, opening up a horizon of possibilities. This is where Watchsmith comes in.

This app is in itself a real toolbox for your wrist. While the rest of the apps that incorporate complications for the watch settle for one or two, Watchsmith has 38 (with a total of 12 paid for, which we’ll talk about later). And each of them can be customized.

To do this, we must go to the app we downloaded on the iPhone . From there, we will be presented with the six types of spheres in which we can incorporate one of the complications (the app is in English):

A selection of complications within Watchsmith, where we find some of them paid for.

  • Infograph circle: these are the “round” complications that we find inside the infograph spheres.
  • Infograph corner: in these same spheres, they are the ones found in the corners.
  • Infograph top: to personalize the complication at the top of the interior of the dial.
  • Infograph large: is found in the spheres that have a large and elongated complication.
  • Modular small: for those areas where complications are small.
  • X-large: allows to add a complication in this sphere.

Among the complications we can incorporate we find different types of dates, times, appointment calendars, activity (with calories, minutes and standing separately), weather, tides and astronomy. The interesting thing is that we can personalize several of them in the same space and that they rotate according to the schedule.

In the last few days I have been adjusting my use of these complications so that I show the minutes of activity first thing in the morning, the calories after that and the hours of standing at the end of the day. This is how I know how each of these variables goes throughout the day, adjusted to the hours when I usually meet the target (difficult in the case of calories due to confinement).

App on the Watch, privacy and subscription

The Apple Watch also has its own app. Although obviously, it does not allow you to customize the complications from here for the own physical limitations of the watch . In it we find a kind of repository of functions from other apps, such as activity, time, calendar, astronomy and even a game (a kind of Pong played with the crown).

In my case, I haven’t found much use for the clock app. I find much more suitable the standard apps that already incorporate the Apple Watch.

In terms of privacy, Watchsmith requires access to our health, activity, calendar, and location data. In its privacy policy , the app indicates that the use of this data is done within the disopstivio to display the necessary information. The developer does not collect this data and only shares the location to obtain tidal and weather data.

One of Watchsmith’s main drawbacks is that the app is designed for Series 4 and Series 5 because of the extra screen size they offer

And this is where we come to the subscription. Watchsmith is free to download and most of its features are free. However, things like tides or time are a recurring cost for the developer. That’s why I decided to make these and other features available for payment.

In AppleAutoSleep, a great choice in sleep monitoring apps

As we say, Watchsmith is free. To access all its features you need a subscription of 1.99 Euro per month or 19.99 Euro per year. With this payment, the developer also ensures that the app is maintained and that is added to it with new features from time to time. We hope that in the future this will support complications of other apps in some format.

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