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Customize OS X Yosemite by changing some functions

OS X Yosemite appeared in its final version on October 16th after Apple’s keynote in which juicy new features such as the new iPad, or the iMac 5K Retina were also presented. The new features are always good and bring a fresh air, although sometimes, and speaking in this case of OS X Yosemite, many users are not convinced by the new functions , precisely because they are annoying compared to what they are already used to or because they consider everything they have been enjoying this time to be perfect.

Here’s a guide to how we can turn off those pesky new features , and still enjoy all the virtues that OS X Yosemite has to offer.

Customize Spotlight Search

Customize OS X Yosemite by changing some functions
Customize OS X Yosemite by changing some functions

One of the areas that has undergone improvements in OS X Yosemite has been Spotlight. We can not only search for files on our computer, but also on the web, something that although it’s immensely useful, can make the search clumsy and that in the end, due to the immensity of it, we do not find what we are really looking for. To avoid this, we can customize our searches, just go to System Preferences and select Spotlight . Once inside we just need to select the boxes and set the order to make the search as accurate as possible.

Return to iTunes 12 list style

The new interface of iTunes 12 doesn’t seem to go back to any of the changes it included, so the sidebar that so many users liked or felt was necessary can’t be recovered for now, although we can return to the list style of the last version .

To start, we must go to the tab My Music . Once inside the tab, we must click on the drop-down menu and change it to Songs , having the style listed again.

Slowness of the Notification Center

One of the new features of the Notification Center in OS X Yosemite is that as in iOS, we now have widgets in the same .

The downside of having widgets , is that on an old Mac it can cause problems such as the Notification Center becoming slow and unstable. To avoid this all you have to do is open the Notification Center , click on the Edit button and in the red circles next to the widgets , click again, and they’re removed.

Reduce transparencies

The new look brought to us by OS X Yosemite includes a lot of slides, something about which there can be very different opinions as it is mainly a matter of taste. In this case, to remove the transparencies we must go to System Preferences , click on Accessibility and once inside go to Screen . On the screen, just click on Reduce Transparency .

Return to the Marker Bar in Safari

In Safari we have also been able to observe changes. From now on, the traditional marker bar is replaced by a side bar. To undo this change, we need to go to View and then select over Show Bookmarks Bar . If we want to go back to the tabbed bar or the status bar, we can do that in the same way.

Turn off calls while leaving other Handoff features active

If we are the kind of people who carry our phone or have our equipment in a place where calls could be heard by more people, we may find the new possibility of taking calls with our computer annoying or simply unnecessary. If you want to turn this feature off, go to FaceTime and select Preferences inside. Under Preferences just check that the box iPhone Calls is not checked.

Disable Dashboard

In case you find that the graphics are not going as they should, perhaps you should turn off Dashboard to get everything back to normal. To do this, go to System Preferences , then Mission Control and once there, disable Dashboard

In conclusion, you can turn off many of the annoying features of OS X Yosemite easily, quickly, and simply. If you have any questions about how to turn off any of the features, just leave us a comment below and we’ll help you do it.

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