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Custom actions and more integrations with other apps

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Custom actions and more integrations with other apps
Custom actions and more integrations with other apps


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Airmail is one of the most versatile mail clients in the App Store. Thanks to the multiple customizations and integrations with other apps it is able to manage all the emails that arrive efficiently. Airmail 1.5 for iOS has been released today, and its developers have worked on what they do best: integrating mail with other apps.

  • Personalized actions: In a similar way to Workflow, in Airmail we can choose what to do with each mail that arrives to us by creating our own route of actions. For example we can create an action that is to mark the mail as read, send it to a specific folder, reply with a specific message and then create a task in Todoist.
  • Better integration with Workflow: Airmail was already integrated with Workflow, but this new update allows us to better detail what we want to send to Workflow and how we want each workflow to be. If you use workflow on a daily basis, you’re going to love this update.
  • Integration with Bear: Bear is one of the note editors that has most impressed us during 2016. Now, with Airmail 1.5 you can send any mail directly to Bear to be converted into a text note,
  • New Inbox: The default inbox has been slightly modified to make it easier for you to read at a glance everything in your mail to be processed.
  • New authentication for Gmail: With the arrival of 2017, Google has changed the way you sign up for third-party apps in Gmail. Gmail has adapted the way you use Gmail so that you don’t have any problems signing in to your Gmail account.

This is the first update to Airmail in 2017, and as we mentioned, has focused on allowing the user to customize their workflow when receiving new mail. If you process a lot of mail a day it’s definitely one of the best options for both iOS and Mac.

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