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Creating Playlists from the iPad or iPad Mini

The iPad is such a versatile device that I’m still amazed at how many features it can do. One of them, although not one of the most widespread, is to use it as music player. Yes, I know we’re not going to take our iPad on the train expressly to listen to our favourite songs, but it’s very comforting to get home and play the songs from the iPad while we’re doing other things.

To do this, what better than to create a playlist with the songs we like best so we don’t have to constantly change tracks. Today we’re going to learn precisely how to do it from our iPad.

How to create music playback lists from our iPad

Creating Playlists from the iPad or iPad Mini
Creating Playlists from the iPad or iPad Mini

Playlists is a really useful function to have our favorite songs grouped together and have them play one after the other. Although initially the feature was only available from iTunes, we can now create them comfortably from our iPad or iPad Mini.

As is often the case with iOS and Apple, this is another feature that is somewhat hidden and can go unnoticed if we are not aware of its existence.

1.- The first thing we have to do is enter the Music app and go to the last tab in the lower left corner that says “Lists” .

2 .- This section will usually be empty, so you have to click on the button that says “New” to create your music list. This button may not appear, if so click on the Genius icon in the top mini player.

3.- Now we will have to enter the new name we want to give to our playlist.

4.- Once we have it, all the songs we have stored in our iPad will appear and we will have to select those we want to be part of our playlist. Once we have it, click on “Ok”.

5.- Finally, we’ll see that it gives us the possibility to delete those that may have slipped in or if we have everything ready, we click again on “Ok” to save the playlist. Of course, whenever you want you can return to this menu to edit the list, deleting or adding new songs.

This way, you can have your songs organized on the iPad to listen to those great songs you’re always humming.

What did you think of this trick? Did you already know it?

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