Creating a Direct Access for iPad on the iPad

If we want to keep abreast of all the news, not only of our iPad, but of the whole Apple world, the best we can do is follow iPadizate. Ways to do it? There are many, via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or our RSS feed, but surely none will be as effective as the one we are going to tell you here today.

What we’re going to do is very simple, we’ll create a shortcut to the page on our iPad, it’s that simple. What exactly is a shortcut? In the same way as on a desktop computer, we’ll create an icon on the main screen that will take us to the page every time we click on it. You no longer have any excuse to miss out on the news from our favourite tablet.

Add a shortcut to iPadizate on your iPad desktop

  1. First of all we must open Safari (the browser that comes by default with your iPad) and go to the iPadizate page: http:/
  2. Once inside the main website, we must press the share button, that we find in the top menu with a kind of arrow.
  3. In the menu that will be displayed we must choose the middle box, the one that says “add to home screen”.
  4. Finally, we must write the name that we want to give to our direct access, to avoid confusion we recommend to write the name of the web itself.
  5. We already have it ready, if we go to our iPad desktop we will be able to see our new iPadizate icon, that when clicking on it will automatically direct us to the page.
Creating a Direct Access for iPad on the iPad
Creating a Direct Access for iPad on the iPad

Of course, the tutorial is perfectly compatible with all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models , as well as previous generations of iOS. It goes without saying that you can use it with any kind of web (no, we didn’t hog the trick on iPadizate). The icon itself is just a shortcut through Safari, so once you’ve accessed it, you can use your browser normally – you’re not restricted to a single page.

This is a comfortable, visual and fast way to have all our web pages organized in one place, we recommend the creation of folders for their correct order.

Did you know this trick? Did you find it useful in organizing your websites? Share your opinions with us.

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