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create your local server easily

Mamp, Living-e AG

Mamp is an application that will allow us to mount our own local server . Apache, MySQL and PHP will be available quickly and easily.

create your local server easilycreate your local server easily

This is a great advantage for developing our own web applications and testing them, testing our websites or if you want to make changes to your blog template and see how it looks before applying it to your site.

There are currently two versions, the normal and the Pro . With the normal version we can only create one server . With the Pro version you can create unlimited virtual servers, DynDNS, Emails, … the only drawback is that this version is paid for. Download Mamp.dmg, it is a universal binary and since version 1.6 the image contains the two versions that exist: the normal and the pro.

Once installed we run the application and we will have the following panel from which we can Start the server, Go to the home page and the Preferences ; where we can select options such as starting the server as soon as Mamp starts, the folder where the home page is, selection of ports, the version of PHP to run and choose the Apache folder where we will host our web, blog,…

By default, the folder where you have to leave your files is Applications> Mamp> Htdocs . Without a doubt a simple, flexible and powerful solution.

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