Create spectacular images with Enlight

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Create spectacular images with Enlight
Create spectacular images with Enlight

Our mobile phones and in particular our iPhone, each generation incorporates better cameras that make us take great photos in all conditions , portray all our most special moments and thus be able to have an unforgettable memory of them.

Along with better and better cameras, we also have in the App Store more and more complete applications that allow us to give the push that may be missing from some of our photos to make them more perfect or exactly as we want.

Today, we present precisely, an application that has its reason of being in the retouching of our images and that allows us to create incredible photos in a simple and fast way. This is Enlight, the application that is a hit on the App Store and that will make our photos look like never before.

The first virtue that should be highlighted about Enlight is that it tries to combine everything that several photo editing and retouching applications offer us separately . There are excellent applications on the market to retouch our selfies , others that allow us to add labels or add effects and others that allow us to correct the photos or add filters. Enlight does all this and more , so that you only have to use one application before you leave your photos perfectly.

Enlight allows us, in particular, to perfect our images by correcting many aspects of them, add many filters, take black and white photographs, create incredible effects for your photos, add decorative touches such as text, signs, drawings, etc., numerous options for cropping and changing perspective as well as including options that put their focus on social networks , such as creating collages , creating fun memes or transforming your photos to adapt them to Instagram’s square format.

Without a doubt, if we want an application that brings together everything we need to give a distinguished touch to our photos, Enlight is a totally successful bet and one of the best applications we can find in terms of photo retouching and image editing .

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