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Create presentations from Markdown notes

Deckset is an application concept that I have liked from the very beginning: turning your notes into presentations . That’s his mantra. The main concept is that you can focus on ideas and not on designing slides , as it often happens. Specifically in the last presentation I did, I spent almost 12 hours in a row with the presentation, animations, transitions… I calculate that about 10% was dedicated to the content.

Seeing the problem here is where comes in Deckset, given by Markdown , the fantastic marking language that just a month ago turned ten. Introductions and Markdown, what a good combination. The idea is simple: write your presentation in Markdown and Deckset will do the rest for you.

Starting a presentation

Create presentations from Markdown notes
Create presentations from Markdown notes

Opening Deckset opens the presentation browser . The first time we open it there will already be three presentations as tutorial about the basics of the application, working with images and working with large texts and how to move them. No doubt interesting and worth stopping for a moment to see how the application works.

Deckset will search our computer for the text editors for Markdown that we have. The first one will be Textedit, which even if it doesn’t highlight Markdown at least will allow us to write. I use Textastic for example, it does its job, even though I am in the process of finding and capturing the editor that best suits my needs. With this we can start editing.

Edit the presentation

Clicking on the edit button will open the Markdown editor, along with a small window to preview how the slides look. Everything works by Markdown. Even if you are not an expert in Markdown with the little guidelines given in the tutorial will be enough to get you started.

As we save the presentation it will be updated. You can also insert photos and videos , either in the background with a grid or on one side of the slide . Even the code looks great.

Choosing a theme

Okay, we got the content and now we can make it look a little better. Deckset comes with several themes with different fonts and colors. Each of the themes has different color combinations. However, a theme editor is missing. At the moment they take proposals for companies through their website but since it is such a demanded feature I don’t think it will take long to come up with some way to edit your own themes. Even if it’s not an editor itself with some code it has to be very simple.

In the meantime you can have a look at all the available themes on the Deckset website. We hope that in a next update they will include more.


Finally, as soon as we have finished, we will be able to present from the same deck. The good thing is that includes a presenter mode where we can see the presenter’s annotations. By the way, in case you have thought like me: if you have to make a presentation and you don’t know if you will have internet you have to know that the images of the web will be saved locally.


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The application allows you to export it easily. As there are no animations it will look great on any computer or operating system. This is a presentation I made in a matter of minutes:

So you know, if you like the idea of joining fast presentations and Markdown Deckset is your application. Don’t take it as a replacement for Power Point or Keynote either, by using a little Deckset you will see that those are not your aspirations.

Price: 19.95 euros

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