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Create Cartoons on the iPad with the Toontastic App


Emulate Walt Disney with this application for iPad . Creating cartoons has never been so easy.

Create Cartoons on the iPad with the Toontastic AppCreate Cartoons on the iPad with the Toontastic App

This is one of the iPad apps that will delight the children of the house. With it they will develop their creativity by creating their own animated stories.

With Toontastic you can turn those stories that little ones dream about into your own mini cartoon film . As simple as choosing a scenario, choosing and coloring the predefined characters (princesses, pirates, astronauts..) or drawing your own characters from scratch.

Once you have the protagonists in the scene, all you have to do is move them around the iPad screen, while you tell the story in your voice, Toontastic will record all these actions.

Finally you can choose a background music , depending on the story (mystery, action, emotion, adventure…) and Toontastic will create a background music suitable to the rhythm of the story. With all this, you will have your own drawing film created.

Children can spend hours inventing stories with Toontastic, and then show them to proud parents and friends from the iPad, they can upload their creations to ToonTube , an online service to share these stories.

Do your children make up many comics? Do you find these applications educational?

The Toontastic app for iPad is now available on the App Store at a price of £2.39.

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