Create and Edit PDF on your iPad, iPad Air and Mini with PDF Office

On December 10th, leading iOS application developer Readdle announced the launch of an innovative new iPad app called PDF Office . This tool allows us to create and edit text and other elements in PDF documents directly from our iPad.

Today, millions of people around the world continue to work with PDF documents on mobile devices . Many of them need to create them every day, outside their offices and without the need for a PC or Mac.

Create and Edit PDF on your iPad, iPad Air and Mini with PDF Office
Create and Edit PDF on your iPad, iPad Air and Mini with PDF Office

Due to the absence of “desktop” type tools in the form of applications in the App Store, Readdle has been able to seize the moment with a practical, useful and very easy to use solution.

PDF Office is a powerful and very complete tool

The main purpose of PDF Office is to provide the best possible editing and creation of text in this format, offering users a simple interface with many options and quality settings. The app comes with a number of very interesting features that help us convert, create and edit PDF documents easily.

PDF Office allows us to create documents from scratch and even take notes manually (with handwriting) and obviously by pressing the letter keys on the iPad screen. In addition, the application is capable of scanning physical documents on paper into PDF files for more complete editing.

This can be done thanks to the iPad’s camera, which will scan the document and PDF Office will automatically recognize the fields and text.

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At the same time, PDF Office offers some very advanced configuration settings and several parameters that allow us to insert fields with dates, numbers, texts, signatures, lists and much more. The combination of freehand text and document editing makes one of the most complete tools of this category in the App Store.

This is how Alex Tyagulski , CMO of the company Readdle clarified and explained the launch of his application .

As we have been informed by prMac, PDF Office has been designed and developed to make life much easier for those workers, users and employees who usually use this kind of documents on mobile devices.

PDF Office video

Here are a couple of videos to help you get to know the app better:

Download PDF Office for iPad, iPad Air and Mini

The first version of PDF Office is available worldwide through the App Store in the business category, costs £4.49 per month or £35.99 per year , and you can download it here:

What do you think about this new application to edit PDF documents? Do you know any other free application that you would like to recommend to other readers? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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