CreAPP Stories for iPad Updated with Important News

CreAPP Stories for iPad Air, iPad and Mini

Childhood is a time when children develop their imagination by creating thousands of stories in their heads in which they participate in great adventures together with their friends, parents, family, etc. During this period children learn by playing with concepts, letters, numbers, ways of relating to others . They learn this almost without knowing it and it is important to stimulate this learning process with all possible tools.

We have already talked about CreAPPCuentos, a free application with which children can create their own stories, being the protagonists themselves and modelling and changing the story as many times as they want.

CreAPP Stories for iPad Updated with Important News
CreAPP Stories for iPad Updated with Important News

With this app children can learn in a playful way together with their parents, teachers, friends and develop skills such as oral language, creative thinking and the creation of time-sequences. Now, CreAPPCuentos is updated with important and powerful improvements that will make even more fun the stories that children invent.

The novelties of CreAPPCuentos

Your characters Face to Face

Children will create their own stories using characters that they will place on a stage where the story will unfold. These characters can use objects they will interact with to help the adventure take shape. All these elements that will be part of the story are called in the app stickers and they will be able to change them of size, position and angle using their fingers in a simple way.

One of the most important new features of this new version of CreAPPCuentos is the possibility of horizontally rotating the stickers , the elements that the child will place on the stage (characters, objects, …) and thus be able to put one in front of the other creating new scenes in which the characters can be seen face to face.

Make the characters talk with “snacks”

A story can only be told visually, without sound or text. But if children want to add sound or text to the picture, they can do so too. The app allows children to add their own voice to the story and thus become a storyteller. And if they prefer to use written text, they have writing tools with which to give life and voice to the characters in the story .

This version has updated these writing tools, adding many more options to the written text. Children will now be able to use comic book style “snacks” , to indicate which character is speaking. Another improvement of this update is the ability to change the size and color of the letters used in the snacks. Thus, children who may have some kind of visual impairment will be able to enjoy this application by creating their stories and telling them to their friends.

Safe shopping

When children start to create adventures and bring out their full creative potential they will want to use new characters and objects in their stories. They’ll see how many characters and objects are available in the app store and will want to buy them all, because there are so many! This update brings a parental control upgrade for shopping so that children can’t use this store without your knowledge – you’ll never get scared!

Improvements that make CrAPPCuentos even more interesting

The improvements of this new version of CreAPPCuentos make this great educational and creative application even more recommendable. Its new ability to resize written texts and give them colors, as well as its new “mirror” or flip function, will allow children and also adults to create stories rich in textual and visual content that they will enjoy while they create them and teach them to their friends.

Many schools already use it as an educational tool and it has helped to improve the self-esteem and autonomy of many children. Furthermore, the app will improve the learning process and creativity of children. What are you waiting for to download it?

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