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Crea tus propios ajustes para Jailbreak con Flex [Video]


Flex is a Jailbreak application that allows users to dig deeper into the code and create custom tweaks (called patches) on the fly, with little or no programming knowledge.

Crea tus propios ajustes para Jailbreak con Flex [Video]
Crea tus propios ajustes para Jailbreak con Flex [Video]

Usually when we find ambitious applications like this, something goes wrong. Either the application looks amazing but fails to run, or the application is badly designed but solid from a run point of view. With Flex we have found the exception that confirms the rule. It is a beautifully designed and extremely functional Jailbreak application .

Flex: Make your own tweaks and modify the applications to your liking easily

To be frank, not everyone agrees that end users should be able to exercise such power, especially those who have no idea of programming. Ultimately, that will be a decision you will have to make for yourselves. You can use Flex or not.

Still, one must be impressed to see that such an idea has been executed with this level of precision. Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

In essence, Flex allows the user to change existing code values that are already within the device’s applications. It will not allow you to alter things that do not yet exist. Here’s an excerpt from the developer, John Coates, on this subject:

What you can do with Flex is change the existing values. In the beta version, Coates includes a tutorial that shows you how to create a date and time tweak for the Messages application. Following the instructions is very simple. In a few seconds you get a working tweak that activates the date and time of all the messages contained in the application.

One of the amazing Flex features in the Cloud option. With it, you can upload your tweaks or download those created by other users, making Flex a potential source of tweaks for Jailbreak as users use the application.

Flex also has its limits. All you can do is alter the values that already exist in the various applications installed on your device. With this in mind, I think Flex is an interesting introduction for those who want to customize their iPhone.

Flex will be available at Cydia next week for $3.99.

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