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Craig Federighi is Siri’s new development manager

We all know our favorite virtual assistant, Siri. This friend whose purpose is to make our daily tasks much easier has always had a lot of work behind her, that is, so that we can hear her voice and give her orders to do in our place, there has been a lot of people within the development of what we know today as Siri. Apple’s previous development manager in this field was Eddy Cue, but now Craig Federighi has taken over.

This is more in line with the fact that the former head of this sector has a more focused knowledge of internet services and other software-related topics, while Craig Federighi is one of the biggest names in software engineering worldwide .

Craig Federighi is Siri’s new development manager
Craig Federighi is Siri’s new development manager

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Maybe not 10 years ago, but today something like Siri is almost indispensable , especially for people with reduced mobility or for workers who have to do many tasks simultaneously, and even more so when Apple has competition even in this sector with Microsoft’s Cortana.

Many of you may wonder what the main reason was for this change of manager in the development of Siri, the answer is very simple: Craig Federighi offers much more to the virtual assistant since is responsible for all the operating systems of our beloved apple of Cupertino.

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These changes will be noticed in the long run, but they will be minor anyway and most of the bugs that will be fixed little by little will be internal to the Siri software and users will not notice almost any difference , but the point is that these changes will be beneficial for Apple itself.

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