Craig Federighi details how far Apple goes in a new interview

That privacy and security are two issues Apple takes very seriously is not denied by anyone. So much so that rivals such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google have decided to embrace the former in their latest keynote to developers. Now, Apple software executive Craig Federighi has shown how far his company goes to protect devices .

Federighi sat down with The Independent newspaper which he took on a visit to a hitherto unknown Apple facility . Also in La Vanguardia you can find a fantastic article from inside the Apple Park where Francesc Bracero offers us his point of view from “the heart of the apple” .

Chips subjected to temperatures between -40Cº and 110Cº

Craig Federighi details how far Apple goes in a new interview
Craig Federighi details how far Apple goes in a new interview

The article details that the most important components of an iPhone are subjected to extreme temperatures between -40Cº and 110Cº . This is not because your users are going to use them in such situations, but to find out if someone could take advantage of the temperature to access those sites that are supposed to be off-limits.

At AppleHow to lock Touch ID and Face ID and force the password request to unlock your iPhone or iPad

The idea behind these tests is to check how components such as the Secure Enclave react. This is the chip designed by Apple in charge of encrypting the information stored to unlock Touch ID or Face ID. It is not accessible to the rest of the operating system, from which it remains isolated precisely to prevent unauthorized access.

Hence Apple’s efforts to test the performance of this and other components in very cold or very high temperature situations . If something like the Secure Enclave were to succumb more easily in an industrial freezer, we would see both organized crime and law enforcement agencies from around the world trying.

The “luxury” of privacy and the Chinese iCloud, thorny questions to Federighi

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, also answered several uncomfortable questions about privacy and his approach to it at Apple . For the company, privacy is something that is considered “at the beginning of the process, not at the end”. Responding to how you will manage customer data is one of the first things you consider when creating a product.

In the last Google presentation, Sundar Pichai stated that “privacy should not be a luxury good” in a clear dart to Apple. Faced with this, Federighi dismissed those statements and also had words affirming the following of his competitors’ efforts:

At AppleiCloud in China: Q&A after the legislative change of cloud services in the country

He has also had words to defend himself from those who claim that Apple has given in to the pressures of the Chinese government. Last year, we saw how Apple had to comply with new legislation in China and build an iCloud data center in the country designed for its users. Apple’s SVP responded to this issue in two ways.

The first was that Apple, through its own efforts to minimize the collection of data from its users, prevented them from being accessed in an unauthorized manner. Whoever you are, you can’t take away what I don’t have. The second is by encrypting the data. Even if someone were to get the hard drives where the data is physically stored, they could only read a mix-up of unintelligible data.

This drive to protect the privacy and security of its users has led the company to confront governments around the world on numerous occasions. The full report is one of those readings that is worthwhile if you are interested in these issues.

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Sharing Privacy and Security in Extreme Temperatures: Craig Federighi details how far Apple goes in a new interview



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