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Coronavirus is also a problem for Face ID

A new global health threat has spread from China to other borders, claiming more and more victims. Thus, the coronavirus , which was first known in Asia, keeps the inhabitants of several countries on the continent with their faces covered, to prevent the spread of the virus that is transmitted by body fluids.

Given the scalability of the situation, in the last few years there has been news from all over the world of people affected, in different ways, by the situation. However, a journalist from a media outlet dedicated to Apple news, has taken advantage of the situation to talk about the Face ID of the iPhone .

Coronavirus is also a problem for Face IDCoronavirus is also a problem for Face ID

Apologizing in advance for how trivial his comparison may seem, Cam MacMurchy decided to express his “anger and frustration” at the impossibility of being recognized by the Face ID of his iPhone . MacMurchy, who resides in China, has been forced to cover half his face, following the prevention code of this and other countries in Asia when facing a health threat.

The journalist wrote a letter describing all the times the use of the mask prevented him from accessing his mobile phone and how he would like to return to his mobile phone with Touch ID to remedy the situation.

MacMurchy ends his note by making a request to Apple:

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