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CorelCAD Mobile for iOS is an alternative to AutoCAD

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Little by little, the excuses for continuing to say that iOS is a purely mobile system fade away. We no longer have only AutoCAD as a DWG file editor: Corel has released CorelCAD Mobile with which we can view and edit drawing and schematic files from the iPhone and iPad.

CorelCAD Mobile for iOS is an alternative to AutoCAD
CorelCAD Mobile for iOS is an alternative to AutoCAD

The release complements CorelCAD 2018 for Windows and MacOS to complete the workflow and provide desktop users with a more mobile solution for viewing and reviewing their work on the fly.

Depending on whether you want to pay or not, CorelCAD Mobile can act as a simple DGW file viewer or a complete editor. With the free version you can open those files and add annotations, but with a subscription you can reach almost all the capabilities that already exist in the desktop version of CorelCAD.

In fact, there is the addition of a special interface to be able to display DWG files saved on an external screen or projector . And the notes added can also be voice notes.

CorelCAD Mobile subscriptions cost 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year , so they are certainly aimed at professionals who need to sketch and create complex plans and schemes. You can download the application for free from the App Store, with the minimum requirement of having iOS 9 installed.

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