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Copying Apple’s iPhone could be very expensive for Samsung


The U.S. Supreme Court has reopened the patent case directly involving Samsung for its blatant strategy of copying Apple . Of course, these allegations go on for a long time: just look at how the birth of the iPhone affected Samsung’s designs. More than six years of inspiration at Apple can take its toll on Samsung.

Copying Apple’s iPhone could be very expensive for Samsung
Copying Apple’s iPhone could be very expensive for Samsung

With more than proven evidence, the question now will be how much money Samsung owes Apple for blatantly plagiarizing Cupertino’s designs and innovations. Copying has a price tag and could be more than the $399 million in damages awarded last month.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone and during that day we were able to see what the world of mobile telephony was like before the iPhone. The design of the iPhone marked a before and after in smartphones , because we must remember that at that time it was the first and only one to design a rectangular device with a large screen, with a single front button and an interface with small icons placed in a grid.

The cost of the damage will be calculated taking into account Samsung’s overall profits from its Galaxy line and although the Court does not yet have sufficient financial information, it is a matter of time. It is not yet clear whether this will be done in full or whether it will be penalized based on individual components such as the front panel or the display.

Apple has been complaining about the Koreans’ copy for years and is hoping for a favorable ruling. This is what his lawyers think:


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