cooking recipes in App Store

To you who love to eat, yes you. To you who like to share a good meal, to cook with love for your loved ones, to try out lots of amazing recipes, to share your opinions and discoveries. Yes you who want to be amazed every day by melting chocolate cakes, crispy pizzas or dripping cheeses. And then you who are simply hungry.
The Marmiton application is for you. Join the gourmet community!

Cook, what’s that?
For almost 18 years (soon the majority, yes yes), Marmiton has been bringing together gourmands from all over the world (well, especially those who speak French) around a common passion: Cooking (and eating too).

cooking recipes in App Store
cooking recipes in App Store

Over the years, Marmiton has become a community of millions of gourmets who exchange their recipes, tips, advice, desires and sometimes their dreams on a daily basis.

Today, Marmiton is a site with more than 68,000 recipes, a bimonthly magazine, a Facebook page with 2 million people, an Instagram account too… And a mobile application (that’s why we’re here), already downloaded more than 14 million times (that’s all).

The Marmiton application, why?
To be every day, close to you. The Marmiton application gives you recipes, inspiration and ideas every day. The Marmiton application is beautiful (it has to be said), great photos, fun videos, well-written texts (let’s not spare ourselves). The Marmiton application is so beautiful that you’ll want to lick your screen (we’re not even exaggerating).

Of course, you will be able to search everything you want (by ingredient, by recipe, by popularity), filter everything you want, comment and share, let yourself be inspired (lots and lots).

What do I do when I’m too hungry?
From your index finger, press the little orange icon with an “M” in it (us, what). And let it guide you.

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