Cook points to iPhone 8 rumors as responsible for discreet iPhone 7 sales


Yesterday we learned about Apple’s sales figures for the past fiscal quarter in which, although the bitten apple company reaped more profits than ever in a single quarter, its origins differed from other times. Although the figure of more than 50 million iPhones sold may seem overwhelming , it is a more discreet number than in other similar press conferences . The reason? Tim Cook is clear: the iPhone 8 rumors.

Cook points to iPhone 8 rumors as responsible for discreet iPhone 7 sales
Cook points to iPhone 8 rumors as responsible for discreet iPhone 7 sales

Direct and unmitigated. Yesterday Tim Cook said that if they had not sold as many iPhones as they normally do, it is only because there are more and more rumors about future iPhone models , so we understand each other: the special 10th anniversary edition iPhone, which we do not know if it will be called iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or iPhone X, but from which rivers of ink have flowed regarding its more than probable specifications.

Product rumours have been a major factor in Apple’s sales for years , especially on devices with annual renewal cycles such as the iPhone and iPad. For example, a person thinking of buying an iPhone in July, for example, might consider with all the logic in the world to wait a little longer until September, the traditional launch date of the iPhone. A smartphone of these characteristics is not an investment to be made lightly.

But of course, this 2017 the rumors have shot up thanks to the expectation of the iPhone 8, as a revolution in design is expected with a borderless display and virtual Home button, screen with 5.8-inch OLED technology, facial recognition, inductive wireless charging, vertical dual camera… among many other surprises. Furthermore, according to the dates, Apple should be about to start mass production of the device .

However, Tim Cook and his people would do well to look at their bellybuttons as well . Although the hype towards the iPhone 8 is great, many users do not find substantial and exciting differences towards the iPhone 7, which has tipped the balance in many cases towards the iPhone 6s, which is giving a spectacular performance or even new and surprising Android models.


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