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Control your Mac or Windows computer from the iPad with Parallels Access

With Parallels Access you can launch applications from your computer from the iPad

If you’re a Mac user, you’re probably familiar with the name Parallels. This company offers a virtualization system for the Windows operating system on Mac computers. And you might ask, why would I want to use Windows on a Mac? Maybe on a home level it is not necessary, but on a business level most business applications will almost certainly run only on Windows.

The program we are talking about is called Parallels Desktop and it is already on its 9th version. It is not a cheap software, but if you need Windows yes or yes it is one of the best options we can find.

Control your Mac or Windows computer from the iPad with Parallels Access
Control your Mac or Windows computer from the iPad with Parallels Access

Well, Parallels has launched an iPad application called Parallels Access . This application allows us to access our Mac or PC applications and run them using a control system fully adapted to the iPad touch controls.

Compatible with Mac and Windows 8

Parallels Access gives us the ability to launch any desktop application, whether PC or Mac, as if it were an iPad application . It also has an intuitive application switcher.

But this application doesn’t stop there. The guys at Parallels have adapted the controls to the iPad touch screen , so we won’t need the keyboard or the mouse at all. You’ll be able to select text, copy and paste, open programs, and more, all in a way that looks like it was designed for the iPad itself.

Here is a promotional video for the application:

Before you go crazy buying the show, I have to say that not everything is perfect. The program only works with OS X 10.7 or higher and with Windows 7 onwards. However, the application has been updated and now supports up to Windows 8.1 .

Here is another video demonstration of what Parallels Destop can do:

Curling up, the program even allows to copy and paste from an iPad application to a PC or Mac application. What do you think? Do you think it could be a great application for business?

The Parallels Access application is available for free from the App Store . The problem is that what is free is the download, but then if we wanted to hire that does not expire the trial would cost us almost 45 ? per year, that is, a fee that, although not very high, can mean a great expense if the application is not going to be used much.

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