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control your iPad from your computer

Veency is a new application that lets you control your iPad using your MacPC’s mouse and keyboard . You can get it through Cydia, so you have to jailbreak your tablet, and works as a VNC server .

Here’s how to use it.

control your iPad from your computercontrol your iPad from your computer

Once downloaded and installed on the iPad, no icon will appear on the springboard , so you will have to do the following:

  • Connect the iPad to the WiFi network.

-Open any VNC client for PCMac (VNC Viewer is perfect)

-Type the IP address of the iPad followed by :5900 (e.g. (Note: to see the IP, you can use the SBSetting application, also on Cydia, or go to Settings> WiFi> Select ours> Press the blue arrow, and the IP address will appear there).

Click OK, and a message will appear on your iPad if you wish to accept the connection, click OK.

-At that point, you can control the iPad from your computer.

Use the mouse to open applications and to move around the pages of the springboard, click the left mouse button and move it as if it were a finger (it’s the same gesture to do it directly on the screen). As we mentioned before, you can also use the keyboard to write sms, mails, etc… When you want to go back to the first page (Home button function), click on the right button of the mouse.

We hope you find the guide useful. If you have any questions, you can comment on it, and we will try to solve your doubts.