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Control duplicate mail between your iPhone and your Mac

Since my purchase of the new iPhone 3GS I have experienced a major change in my email reading habit. If before I relegated this task to my arrival home, since during the week not having a good WiFi connection this task was too tedious to be done with an EDGE. Now with the 3GS and its connection I find that when I arrive home I have already read all the emails that have been sent to me.

Control duplicate mail between your iPhone and your MacControl duplicate mail between your iPhone and your Mac

It can be confusing that if you don’t configure both the Mail application on your Mac and its namesake on the iPhone , mail will be duplicated, and depending on the volume you receive throughout the day, it can become annoying.

If the volume of emails received is very high, the iPhone may even download emails that you have already read and deleted , since by default the servers are configured to g or save copies for several days , and sometimes our iPhone can take them as new.

Basically what we need to do is to configure both devices (the iPhone and the Mac) so that once the mail has been downloaded it will automatically delete it from the server , this way it won’t be available for the other to identify it as a new mail message.

On the Mac

Open the Mail program and access its preference panel (menu Mail>Preferences). In the accounts section of the window that appears, select the account you want to set up, if you have several, and go to the Advanced tab .

Among the different possibilities it offers, we should pay attention to “Delete message from server after receiving it” . We should activate this option, and in the drop-down menu below, choose the option that suits us best, in my case it’s ” Immediately” since that’s what I want.

As a security measure, we can determine that for above a certain size of that message, we are asked to confirm its deletion . This will avoid accidentally deleting programs with applications or photos.

On the iPhone

We should go to Settings and within it to the Mail section . Select the account you want to modify and go to the Advanced menu at the bottom of the screen.

Here we’ll see an option “Delete from server” which we’ll have to configure as “When deleting from inbox” so that the iPhone deletes the message from the server when we delete it from our inbox.