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Contacts Pad, the best widget for the Notification Center

Contacts Pad, funciones de mensajes y llamadas a contactos

Estamos ante uno de los mejores widgets para el Centro de Notificaciones . ¿Qué os parece la nueva actualización de Contacts Pad? ¿Habéis tenido la oportunidad de probar la aplicación ya? ¡A nosotros nos encanta!

Contacts Pad, the best widget for the Notification Center
Contacts Pad, the best widget for the Notification Center

This app has a great widget for the Notification Center on iPhone and iPad that offers the possibility to send messages via WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger… and even make calls or video conferences via FaceTime!

The truth is that Contacts Pad is a very complete application , obviously it also allows us to access the social networks of our favourite contacts in a couple of seconds with just two taps on the iPhone or iPad screen…

But now, after its update to version 1.4 , Contacts Pad is even more complete. Do you want to know all the news? Keep reading!

Functions, performance and features of the new Contacts Pad update

The new Contacts Pad update brings many new features. New styles have been added to customize the design of the application using colors for the background and for the icons of the applications WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, etc.

Additionally, Contacts Pad now allows you to add as many favourite contacts as you wish to your Notification Centre widget – an unlimited number!

Finally, the Contacts Pad application now displays the name of all contacts, and access to all available actions from the Notification Center has been integrated.

How to add the Contacts Pad widget to the Notification Center?

To enjoy all the new features of the Contacts Pad update, you must access the Notification Center by sliding your finger from the top of the iPhoneiPad down. Then press the “Today” tab and press “Edit”.

Finally, find the Contacts Pad app and tap on the green “+” button to add the widget to the Notification Center, as shown in the image:

Video Contacts Pad

Want to see this app in action? Discover all the new features in this video:

As you may have noticed, Contacts Pad not only allows us to customize the design of its user interface, but we can also swap actions or move contacts in the Notification Center.

Download Contacts Pad

Contacts Pad is optimized for iPhone, but is also compatible with iPad:

Contacts Pad is a highly recommended application that will allow you to quickly access features such as calls, FaceTime video conferences, WhatsApp messages and other applications, and your favorite contacts’ social networks, and is fully configurable and customizable!

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