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construction in Wisconsin, opening in 2018

Aparecen en la red vídeos de la cadena de montaje de Foxconn: así se fabrican cientos de posibles iPhone 8

At the end of June we saw how Foxconn would invest some $10 billion to fulfill Trump’s dream: to manufacture its components in the United States . Several states were considering opening a factory of this supplier in Yankee territory , but until now everything was just a pipe dream.

construction in Wisconsin, opening in 2018
construction in Wisconsin, opening in 2018

Now we have more specific information about this initiative: Foxconn has chosen Wisconsin to build three factories , which will manufacture liquid crystal panels for smartphones such as the iPhone. They will start operating this very next year, and will be part of a company campus to be completed in 2020.

For this, Foxconn would need to import the raw material from Taiwan, China and Japan . The three factories would need an investment of 1 billion dollars, but would generate 13,000 jobs for the Americans. With these expectations it is not uncommon to see how the Wisconsin government has already approved to put $3 billion on the table as aid for these factories. And of course, Apple could have a lot of logistical advantage by having those factories “home”.

Final approval is expected next month for the work to begin. At the moment, there is no talk of other states where Foxconn could operate, but it is already known that the company’s directors have been holding meetings with the Michigan government since Shenzen.

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