Connect to a Cisco VPN natively in OS X

So as an alternative we will try not to use it, but to use directly the functionalities included in the system to connect to an encrypted VPN network with the Cisco solution.

Connect to a Cisco VPN natively in OS X
Connect to a Cisco VPN natively in OS X

It couldn’t be simpler, there is a complete tutorial in English (the link at the end of the entry with captures of the whole process). But let’s see quickly the main steps:

  1. Open the network preferences panel, press the “+” button to create a new connection and select “VPN” interface and “Cisco IPsec” type
  2. Select the host and the account you want the connection to connect to (the host can be seen in the Cisco client, in the connections tab in the main screen.
  3. Here the story gets a little complicated, we must find the PCF connection file and extract the group password. (See this in the tutorial linked below, it requires once obtained the password decrypt it through a form on the same website).
  4. Set up the password and user group at the connection and voilà, we’re done. No more Cisco client forever. If you ever have to restart the connection we have to force a process called “Racoon” in the Activity Monitor and that’s it.

It requires a bit of DIY in some of the steps, but I can assure you that it works and is worth it.

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