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Confirmed, WhatsApp is already testing an iPad app

WhatsApp Business llega a iOS de forma global

Por ahora, tan solo podemos esperar que el equipo de WhatsApp no tarde demasiado en hacer pública esta versión. En teoría, los usuarios que estén adheridos al programa beta que habilitaron en su momento a través de TestDrive podrán acceder antes a la app con soporte para iPad , aunque por ahora no se sabe nada. En cualquier caso, al menos podemos confirmar que esta versión existe, y que está más cerca que nunca.

Confirmed, WhatsApp is already testing an iPad app
Confirmed, WhatsApp is already testing an iPad app

A few years ago, when the iPad was launched, the App Store was not populated with tablet applications. In many occasions, and as long as there was no adapted version, we were forced to use extended iPhone apps in a bad way. However, for a while we had access to an app that we have missed a lot since they decided to focus only on the iPhone. WhatsApp, the instant messaging app par excellence.

However, the days without a native iPad app are numbered. In a while, we won’t have to use tricks anymore to be able to read and respond to the messages we receive every day on our phone. This is because, finally, the development team of the platform seems to be testing a version specially thought for the Apple tablet . One that we won’t have to expand to be able to use correctly on a big screen like the iPad Pro.

Thanks to the information they have shared from WABetaInfo, we have been able to learn that development versions of this adaptation are already circulating. This could mean that the release of the app will not take much longer, at least it shouldn’t. As with the mobile version, we’ll have the ability to send messages, make calls, and create states, so we can expect a lot of functionality to be available.

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