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Concept Showing iWatch as an Extension of Apple Maps

The Apple Smart Clock has been a rumor that has gained a lot of strength so far this year and although there is still no clear evidence about it, many other times this kind of rumor has ended up being confirmed. An important clue could be found in the words of Tim Cook a few months ago, who was very excited about ” the new products ” the company was working on.

Is iWatch that revolution that everyone is waiting for from Apple? What could it introduce? All these questions do not have a clear answer, but what better than seeing an interesting concept to get an idea of some of the facets that Apple could exploit.

The concept shows an iWatch that could serve as an extension of the Maps themselves, showing us the way at all times

Concept Showing iWatch as an Extension of Apple MapsConcept Showing iWatch as an Extension of Apple Maps

The Dutch designer Martin Hajek has been very busy lately designing various concepts of how iWatch could be, some of them are really interesting and do not show anything crazy. The one we bring to you today, shows an iWatch that would be integrated with the Maps application (we suppose the ones from Apple) and would serve as an extension of them.

Let’s go by parts, if we focus on the design of the device, we see how would integrate that curved screen with which it is rumored that Apple has been investigating for some time, a Facetime camera to make video calls, a button similar to the one found on the iPhone to turn on the terminal and finally a Lightning port to recharge the iWatch.

Now, personally, I find the leather strap in the concept horrible. Forgive me, Hajek, but I doubt Apple would ever introduce something like that on their device, let alone with Jony Ive in the picture. My bet is more along the lines of a glass strap or similar material, something that is very futuristic.

As for the new function that the concept points to, I think it is very appropriate. The iWatch could show us the direction we should go , the distance we are from our destination and the relevant directions to get there. A Siri enhancement implemented in the iWatch could be really useful to perform this function.

As we can read on the iPhone in Canada, the latest rumours are that Apple’s smart clock could appear in 2014, instead of this year as originally planned.

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