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Concept Showing an iOS 7 Flat and Minimalist [Video]

We are less than a month away from Apple’s long-awaited iOS7, a new version of Apple’s mobile operating system in which major changes are expected. People are asking for an urgent renewal of the iOS, as many have the feeling that it has made almost no progress since its launch, at least in terms of design.

Apple is aware of this and the first sign of changes to come is the dismissal of iOS manager Scott Forstall and the placement of Jony Ive in his place to take over the design. Will Ive be in charge of “de-installation”? Let’s see what might be going on in the artist’s head.

The concept shows a complete abandonment of skeumorphism to adopt a much flatter and minimalist interface

Concept Showing an iOS 7 Flat and Minimalist [Video]
Concept Showing an iOS 7 Flat and Minimalist [Video]

One of the main criticisms of the current iOS is the excessive use of skeumorphism , that is, an interface that tries to recreate something from the real plane (see Game Center, Notes or Contacts). We could already find out through the words of a well known analyst that Apple could be working on a much flatter and minimalist iOS. The concept that we bring you today is intended to anticipate what Apple may present next June 10th.

The concept has been created by the people of SimplyZest and the first significant difference can already be found in the blocking screen, which has been completely renovated and now shows the weather and climate, relocating the “slide to unlock” at the top.

When we unlock the iPhone we see that things have changed a lot. To begin with, the icons have left the rounded edges to become totally square, but what really calls our attention is the design of these, they are totally flat , no more shadows, no more gradients of colors and no more transparencies, minimalism now floods every corner of iOS.

As expected, the applications have been completely renewed , in this case we are shown those of Calendar, Music or Camera. The Widgets , which appear from the top of the device, are also displayed as if they were from the Notification Center.

Undoubtedly, and as we could read in iPhonehacks, a good sample of how the next iOS 7 could be if they decide to bet on minimalism and say goodbye to skeumorphism. Personally, I think the design of the applications is too inspired by the new Windows Phone, but beyond this, the concept doesn’t really appeal to me. Will Jony Ive come up with something better? We’ll see in a month.

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