Concept of How the Low Cost Colored iPhone Could Look


In recent months, there have been many rumours that Apple might launch a low-cost iPhone on the market. One of the most talked about features in these rumors is that Apple could launch the terminal with a colorful polycarbonate case to help lower the final price of the device.

Concept of How the Low Cost Colored iPhone Could Look
Concept of How the Low Cost Colored iPhone Could Look

Guided by these rumors, artist Martin Hajek has compiled several of these rumors and created a series of concept images of what he believes the future cheap iPhone could look like, rather than what it could be like, as he has created a concept with a 4-inch screen and another with a 5-inch screen.

This could be the cheap iPhone according to graphic artist Martin Hajek

In the image above, we can see a possible design for a cheap 4-inch model in red, a white iPhone 5 (the real model, the one we already know) and also a cheap 4.5-inch iPhone in a nice blue color. Looking at the concept, they don’t look bad at all, but it’s clear that Apple could never get an iPhone made of polycarbonate to have the same feel and provide the same sensation in the hand as one made of aluminum.

Martin explains in his blog that the possibility of Apple including cheap materials and different colors in the future low cost iPhone could be a kind of mix between the current iPhone 5 and the current iPod touch.

A few days ago, we saw that Apple was looking for new materials engineers who could help Apple make new plastic-based devices. We don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or if this search for personnel could really be related to the possibility that the company is thinking of launching a low-cost model, but it would certainly devalue the brand in a very important way.

In the following images we can see Martin’s concepts from other points of view. They really don’t look like anything, but we can’t forget that they are simply digital designs.

It doesn’t seem logical that Apple will go for a low-cost model, at least not as rumors have it. Since the iPhone 3GS, Apple has always had a cheaper iPhone in its catalogue than the most current model, it is the previous model. In this way, Apple sells the terminal at a slightly cheaper price, but without forgetting that a few months ago this device was a top-of-the-range smartphone. Is this method not working well for you? Does Apple really need to diversify in this direction? Is there so much pressure from shareholders?

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