Compressor 4.1, that’s how it feels

Motion 5.1 y Compressor 4.1, Apple actualiza también sus otras apps para temas de edición de vídeoEn la Mac App Store
Apple updated Motion and Compressor, along with Final Cut Pro X , the app package for professional video editors, in the middle of last month. My colleague Pedro Santamaría has already given a good account of the news, but saying it is one thing and checking it is another.

Motion 5.1 was an interesting update, but the one I want to highlight today is Compressor 4.1 , the latest version of this powerful coding tool and probably the most important jump in its history. Until this version, Compressor’s interface had changed little or not at all and in recent times it had become a completely anachronistic horror along with its desktop brothers.

Compressor 4.1, that’s how it feels
Compressor 4.1, that’s how it feels

Fortunately, Apple’s engineers have found a happy medium to devote some attention to this simple but essential application. And fortunately, the change wasn’t just aesthetic, they took advantage of it to restructure and group their windows in a much more convenient and functional way that follows their natural workflow from left to right, with settings and locations on one side and preferences on the other.

For those of us who use the application, it has been like going from the Middle Ages (or the Final Cut Pro 4 times back in 2003) to 2013, sorry, 2014. It may not have a million new features, but in my opinion, only the facelift is worth the upgrade, with the hardware encoding in H.264 or the support for Dolby Digital Plus and the 4K for YouTube and Vimeo as nice gift wrap bows.

By the way, in another order of things, I take this opportunity to recommend to all of you who use Compressor in your day to day life that you take a look at this article by Larry Jordan about how to increase its encoding speed using (or not) multiple instances of the application when using codecs without multithreading support (like H.264 for example).

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