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Complete Plant Analysis against Zombies 2 for iPad and iPhone

Plants Against Zombies 2 sweeps the App Store with its new iPad and iPhone release

It’s clear that Plants vs Zombies 2 has been a worldwide success and the numbers are more than enough to support the second installment of this wonderful saga for iPad and iPhone. In 5 days it was already number one in over 130 countries around the world , after the first weekend already had more than 16 million downloads, and many more data like these are what make a great game within the App Store. Sometimes it’s scary to look at the statistics but Plants vs Zombies 2 deserves it.

At first we have to admit that the game caused some errors that blocked your iPad irretrievably after each level. Now that’s behind us thanks to a patch that downloads the game itself automatically. The goal of the game is similar to the previous version, but this time we will travel through time by going through different eras. In addition new plants, new games and much more have been added .

Plants against Zombies 2 – Complete analysis

Complete Plant Analysis against Zombies 2 for iPad and iPhone
Complete Plant Analysis against Zombies 2 for iPad and iPhone

The game is simple and follows the same tone as the previous version, but we explain it for those of you who don’t know either of the two Plants vs. Zombies that have been released. Your main mission is to plant a large number of plants that will kill the zombies that enter your garden and want to eat your brain. In the new Plants vs. Zombies 2 you’ll perform time jumps accompanied by Dave, your dear neighbor, who will guide you and explain some of the most important things.

This time you will have to overcome new challenges , completely different levels but with a common goal, to annihilate all the zombies that step on your garden. Some of the screens involve killing zombies directly with your finger, planting your weapons by accumulating sunflowers as usual, joining similar large stones to destroy zombies in pairs, etc. In addition you will have to repeat more than one level with total security to get some treasures that open doors or allow you to continue your way into each world. Do you dare? Here you can see some tricks.

Zombies have also undergone some big changes, even if they look similar to you, new characters have been added with new powers that will make you squeeze your brain even more if you don’t want them to take it away for good. Beware of Ra’s disciples in Egypt, the cunning swordsmen of the Pirate World or the chicken coop zombies of the Wild West. They all have new stratagems that allow them to camouflage themselves or even move much faster through your garden. Plants are your best allies, but not the only ones. Pay close attention to the advice of your beloved neighbor Dave and his crazy time machine.

Plants against Zombies 2 has also added new plants so you can defend yourself against the evil zombies. Some you will get as you progress through the game, but others you will have to buy in the shop, this time with real money. Now the coins you get will allow you to buy other kinds of power-ups, but not new plants. It might be a bit expensive compared to the first game, but this time the possibilities are multiplied and there are options for all tastes.

Here you can see the official trailer of the game, it’s not wasted:

Plants against Zombies 2 also includes new weapons that you can use in each level . In particular, there are two quite spectacular ones, the ‘nutrients’ and the ‘enhancers’. You’ll get the nutrients when you kill a zombie that’s carrying them, and you can use them on any of your plants. You will see that for a certain amount of time your plant will be vitaminized and will attack relentlessly, killing a large number of zombies. You will have to pay for the power-ups with the coins that you will get as you progress through the game. They also last for a limited time but you’ll end up removing all the zombies from the screen with your fingers thanks to the multi-touch gestures.

Download Plants against Zombies 2

It’s impressive how many downloads the game has gotten since its release, and I’m sure even its developers didn’t think the success would be that great. You can download the game for FREE and play it without spending a single Euro, but it’s clear that the challenge and difficulty is somewhat greater. Still, don’t worry, you’ll love it from start to finish and spend many hours in front of your iPad. Have you downloaded it yet? What do you think?