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compatible with all models

Having our iPad Air protected should be a priority for us, in order to prevent it from breaking due to a mishap or other accident. That’s why it’s best to buy a case that’s compatible with iPad Air, and in this article we’ll show you the best ones we can find on the market.

Cases for iPad Air 3

ProCase Case

If you have an iPad Air with a 10.5″ display, this is the ideal case, and it’s also compatible with the iPad Pro 2017. The enclosed case is ultra thin, lightweight and rigid to offer protection without needing to make the iPad fatter. It includes a magnetic closure so you can make sure the case is always closed, but always make sure it’s easy to open. It is available in over 10 colours to match your personal taste.

compatible with all models
compatible with all models

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MoKo Case

If you are a fan of personalization and you don’t like to have a boring cover MoKo offers you very interesting colors and drawings. Made of high quality leather with soft microfiber inside for a stylish look and also to protect the iPad you are storing. On the front we find three folds that will help us to change the position of the iPad depending on whether we are going to watch a movie or write.

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ESR cover

Thanks to the magnets included in this case, we can guarantee that it is always closed to prevent damage to our equipment. In addition this provides the much sought after standby/auto mode so that the screen is automatically locked when the case is closed. On the back side there is a case made of polyurethane and with a special treatment to prevent fingerprints from sticking to the case.

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JETech cover

A case that allows us to access all the functions of the iPad such as the sound controller or the charging port. We see how this case is a little more thick than others since it offers us an extra protection against falls. To this we add that it is built with anti-slip materials to ensure a fairly comfortable grip system. In this case only this model is available in black.

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Cases for iPad Air 2


The cover has a peculiar design as it is made of a material very similar to fabric and is available in different colours. As in previous cases, it has a series of magnets that allow the iPad to rest when the case is closed. It can be used with the second generation iPad Air or any fifth or sixth generation iPad 9.7″.

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Case designed for iPads that have a 9.7-inch screen. It reminds us quite a bit of the official Apple Smart Cover especially on the front with the characteristic folds that allow us to put the iPad in different positions. Among these positions is the horizontal position to be able to write comfortably or vertically to watch a movie.

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If you’re a fan of glitter this is the ideal case for your iPad Air. With its glossy design, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd in the latest fashions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink, but different colours are available. Aside from this eye-catching design, we see a very similar structure that allows you to hold your iPad upright to view multimedia content or work with a wireless keyboard without worrying.

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Cases for iPad Air 1

JETech cover

This case is only compatible with the first generation iPad Air (model A1474, A1475, A1476). Its architecture is very reminiscent of Apple’s official Smart Cover with a magnetic closure that allows the iPad to lock when the case is closed and activate when it is opened. It includes two different positions for viewing multimedia content in portrait mode and in lectern mode for convenient touch panel note-taking. Available in different colours.

JETech cover Buy it inEUR9,99

Doupi cover

360º case that will allow us to have that will give us versatility at the time of positioning our iPad in a table or in our own legs. In addition to covering the back, it also gives protection to the screen to prevent it from breaking with a blow or scratching when carried in a bag or backpack.

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KHMO bag

This case is designed to carry your iPad outside your home in total comfort. Thanks to its double protection , both front and back, we guarantee that it will not suffer any accidental damage while being transported. It has a design very similar to the Smart Cover to achieve a fairly varied support in different positions to improve our productivity.

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Using a case on the iPad Air is quite important to avoid problems such as accidental damage. And you, do you use any kind of protection?

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