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Compatible accessories for the new iPad Pro at a reduced price

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Ricky Fernandez

Compatible accessories for the new iPad Pro at a reduced price
Compatible accessories for the new iPad Pro at a reduced price

Posted on November 11, 2018 – 12:44

The new iPad Pro changes radically in design, so we can’t take advantage of the cases or screen savers we had in previous generations. Although it’s only been on the market for a few days, we’ve already found some solutions from some manufacturers.

Apple offers its own case, but you may not be convinced by the price or the design of the case itself, so we’re going to show you some suggestions from third parties that you may want to use for your new iPad.

Another highlight is the USB-C accessories , the new iPad Pro no longer uses Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector, so we have the opportunity to take advantage of offers we find from other manufacturers, such as this USB-C adapter with HDMI, USB-C and USB 3.0.

Protective case for the new iPad Pro

This case is sold and distributed directly by Amazon, so we have the guarantee that it is a product that will work perfectly for our iPad Pro. If we are not convinced, we can return it without any problems. In addition, it will arrive at our home within 24 hours , so we’ll have our iPad Pro protected as soon as possible.

The covers are available in various colours and have a reduced price currently. If we like to combine our iPad with the clothes we wear every day, we have several colours to choose from.

See protective cover 11″

See protective cover 12,9″

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Screen protector

Both the 11 and 12.9″ iPad have a really good screen , but maybe we should take it out to the street in case we could damage it. Thanks to the screen saver we present you, we will have our screen protected all around.

This pack includes two iPad screen protectors in the 12.9″ version for a really attractive price. Very useful to have a spare one or in case we have any kind of problem when placing the protector.

See 11″ screen saver

See screen saver 12.9″

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If we are lucky, we can get some additional discounts thanks to the promotions we can find. These promotions allow us to get a discount to buy another accessory of the new iPad Pro.

What do you think of these accessories for the new iPad Pro?

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