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Comparison of the top three iPad e-book readers


Is the iPad an ebook, i.e. an e-book reader? No, it is not, although thanks to its large screen and an application created for this purpose, it makes it possible to read some documents. With this in mind, Walt Mossberg has prepared an analysis comparing the three most interesting applications for reading with the iPad .

Comparison of the top three iPad e-book readers
Comparison of the top three iPad e-book readers

He’s talking about iBooks, Nook and Kindle. Three applications of identical utility, turn the iPad into a fake e-book reader, accompanied by a bookstore from which to download new books directly into the application.

The analysis places the three in similar positions, similar functionalities and services. Although iBooks is losing out in terms of content, the iBooks Store is still more than just a big store and at this point Kindle takes full advantage of its huge repertoire of books.

As far as additional functionalities are concerned, the possibility of buying a book in the Amazon system and being able to read it from a multitude of devices, including the computer, stands out. In the case of the Apple application, its good design and the possibility of reading PDF from the application itself stand out.