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Comparison of iPhone data plans worldwide

Since Movistar officially presented its rates and special plans for the iPhone 3G, rivers of ink (electronic or otherwise) have flowed about how fantastic or disappointing they are. I particularly have always placed myself in the middle when considering them consistent with the (backward) telephone landscape in Spain, but I still wanted to go a little deeper into the subject and look, not only at many of our European neighbours, but also at some of the other countries where the Apple phone has been marketed.

You can see the result in the table above, classified not so much on the basis of the cost of the available plans but on their data transfer limits. Apple iPhone 3G – Países

Comparison of iPhone data plans worldwide
Comparison of iPhone data plans worldwide

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Read on to find out a little review of the rates that we can find in some of these countries:

  • In the U.S., AT&T offers unlimited data traffic for $44 on its most basic plan that comes with 450 minutes of anytime voice and 5000 on weekends and nights. In contrast, AT&T’s 3G network may be one of the least covered of all the others, so if you don’t live in any major city, you’re in for a rough ride.
  • In the UK, O2 (Telefónica) offers unlimited traffic for 38 euros on its most basic plan with 75 voice minutes and 125 SMS.
  • In Japan, SoftBank offers unlimited traffic for $42 with free calls between users of the same company (a pity that in Japan it is DoCoMo that takes the cat out of the bag in terms of subscribers).
  • In Italy it is marketed by two companies, TIM and Vodafone. While the first has plans ranging from 30 euros for 1Gb without calls to 200 euros (WoW) for “unlimited” traffic (5Gb actually) and 5000 minutes of calls; in Vodafone the thing is limited to 600Mb of data per month for 59 euros plus 250 minutes of calls. If we exceed the limit, with Vodafone we pay 3 euros for every 150Mb while with TIM it comes to 10 eurosGb.
  • In Germany, T-Mobile has various plans ranging from 300Mb to 5Gb for EUR 49 and EUR 89 respectively. In all of them the speed is reduced to 64kbits down and 16kbits up when we exceed the established limit, except in a special plan of 500Mb of data and 50 of calls for 29 euros a month that has the inconvenience of billing the excess of data to 0,49 eurosMb.
  • In Mexico, Telcel’s Unlimited iPhone Plan is actually limited to 3Gb after which the speed is reduced to 12864kb. Its price? 90 euros at the exchange rate.
  • In France, Orange offers 500Mb of data traffic for 49 euros.
  • And finally, in Portugal, Vodafone has three plans, the cheapest being 29.90 euros for 250Mb and 100 minutes of calls, and the most expensive being 64.90 euros for 500Mb and 500 minutes of calls. Above this limit, the price is 6 cents per Mb.

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