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Comparison of compilers for programming with the iPad

Following our special on how to program from the iPad, today we chose the compiler with which to bring our code to life. There are many compilers on the Internet and some in the App Store, each with different features, so we must choose the one that best suits our needs because each will have its own favorite. Which one do you choose?

We continue with the third installment of our special on how to program from the iPad. In the last issue we showed you the different text editors that we have at our disposal in the App Store, there was everything and for everyone. Once we’ve chosen the editor that best suits our tastes and needs, it’s time to choose the compiler we’re going to use to bring our code to life and run it.

Comparison of compilers for programming with the iPad
Comparison of compilers for programming with the iPad

Apple, as we know, has strict rules for admitting applications to the App Store, which ensures that there are no malicious or fraudulent apps that can damage our system or that don’t perform the tasks we thought they did. On the other hand, this is a double-edged sword, since by those same rules, there are no compilers in the App Store, since Apple does not allow an application to download or install executable code.

Therefore, we are forced to use compilers online or applications that connect to websites to compile our code. In other words, we won’t be able to compile and run our code without an internet connection.


This is what, for me, is the best online compiler available today . After testing many that can work from the iPad and that work correctly, there is none that shadows this one. Like everything, it always has a but, in this case it’s that its use for free is limited and, if we want to unblock those limitations, we’ll have to go through the checkout.

Its free use is limited to the creation of a single programming project , which we can remove to create a new one and all the projects we create will be public and visible to all Compilr users. We will be able to create projects in a large number of programming languages and share them with our friends or collaborators.


  • Complete online IDE and compiler, with many options and very intuitive and attractive interface
  • Possibility to work on several projects at once thanks to the use of tabs
  • 16 supported programming languages including C++, Java, C


    Se trata de un IDE y compilador en línea bastante completo pero que tiene una gran desventaja, si no disponemos de teclado bluetooth en nuestro iPad, no podremos copiar, pegar, ni seleccionar todo el texto , ya que la web no nos deja hacer estas tareas manteniendo pulsado el dedo sobre la pantalla. Al tener teclado para el iPad, podremos hacerlo usando atajos de teclado, como haríamos delante de un Mac.

    Por otro lado, disponemos de 88 lenguajes de programación diferentes sobre los que poder compilar , con lo cual con este compilador cubrimos las necesidades de la gran mayoría de los programadores, puesto que los lenguajes más usados se encuentran disponibles en esta web. Otro inconveniente que presenta es que si nuestro código necesita determinadas librerías, como ocurría en el caso anterior, este compilador seguramente no pueda hacerlo funcionar correctamente.


    • Interfaz bastante amigable y con resaltado de texto en 88 lenguajes de programación diferentes
    • Posibilidad de añadir múltiples ficheros a un mismo proyecto


    • No podemos copiar, cortar, pegar, seleccionar todo… si no disponemos de un teclado bluetooth para nuestro iPad
    • Si nuestro código es un poco complejo o necesita de librerías adicionales, tendremos problemas al compilar

    Web Oficial
    We will simply have to access this website from our iPad with the code we have written in our favorite text editor copied to the clipboard, and paste it there. We’ll hit Send and our code will compile and will run if it’s been written without errors .


    • Totally free and with free access to all its features
    • Compiles and runs code written in over 40 different languages


    • Sometimes it’s too simple, and if our code is a bit complex or needs additional libraries, we’ll have trouble compiling
    • Our program will not be able to access the internet
    • We can only compile projects with one file, which is really problematic if our program is somewhat large

    Official Website


    Se trata de la única aplicación de la App Store analizada en esta comparativa . Es un sencillo compilador que añade la ventaja de no tener que dirigirnos a nuestro navegador web preferido desde iPad para poder ejecutar el código, sólo tendremos que cambiar entre aplicaciones. No obstante, esto no significa que podamos compilar el código sin conexión a internet, como todas las demás herramientas, tendremos que estar conectados o no podremos hacer nada.


    • Se trata de una aplicación universal para dispositivos iOS
    • Se sirve de la API de Ideone para compilar nuestro código
    • Podemos cargar y guardar ficheros desde Dropbox o desde nuestro ordenador


    • Compilación lenta y no detecta los errores de compilación
    • Requiere de conexión a internet
    • Es de pago, cuesta 2,69 euros

    App Store
    It will only serve to compile LaTeX

Official Website or JavaScript, surely we do not need to make use of these compilers , because, as we discussed in the last article, some tools such as Textastic or Diet Coda, can compile such files and show them on the iPad without further complications.

Depending on the use we are going to give to the compilers, we should consider acquiring a Compilr Pro license or use something free and with fewer options, although equally valid as Ideone. All of this we will have to see with the day to day and the use of these tools.

We hope that you found this comparison useful and that you chose your favorite compiler . For our part, see you in the next article, which will end the special, giving you a series of tips, final conclusions, tricks and things to keep in mind when programming from our iPad.

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