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Comparing the Strength of iPhone 6 and 5s Displays

Sapphire takes on Gorilla Glass in an endurance test

uBreakiFix repair experts have examined the impact resistance, scratch resistance and strength of the sapphire crystal that Apple may use for the new iPhone 6, in a series of tests that were released yesterday. These tests were designed to determine if the sapphire is suitable for use as a display.

The repair technicians carried out three different tests:

  • A scratch resistance comparison with a tungsten carbide drill bit.
  • A drop test with the sapphire screen of the brand new Kyocera brigadier.
  • A four-point bending test to compare the breaking strain and tension of sapphire glass compared to Gorilla Glass (iPhone5s).
Comparing the Strength of iPhone 6 and 5s Displays
Comparing the Strength of iPhone 6 and 5s Displays

The uBreakiFix test results show that sapphire is much more scratch resistant and 25% stronger than Gorilla Glass, but is much more susceptible to impact due to its brittleness . The glass is so fragile that it broke the first time it fell upside down from a height of just one meter.

Is the sapphire really stronger than Gorilla Glass?

The technicians conclude that sapphire does not necessarily offer an advantage over Gorilla Glass, such as the material’s scratch resistance and the force that is compensated for by its low impact resistance . Manufacturers of phones that include a sapphire display may choose to employ other protective measures such as a slightly larger bezel to help protect the phone during impact from other surfaces.

As pointed out by Macumors, let us remember that A pple is associated with GT Advanced Technologies to produce sapphire for use in future products . The exact details of how Apple will use the material are not yet known, but it is rumored that the company could use this material for the new iPhone 6 in some of its models and in a hypothetical iWatch.

At the moment we do not know if we will be able to see this new material on the new iPhone 6 or if it will finally be reserved for another product. Very soon we will be out of the woods and know what Apple’s plans are with respect to the sapphire. And you, do you think we will see the sapphire in the new iPhone 6 or will we have to wait?

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