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Comparing Size with Sleeve

Sometimes we don’t get the size of a new device until we put it next to another one, for comparison. That’s what they did in Nowhereelse , comparing the iPad Air 2 with another supposed iPad PRO case , which was leaked last week.

Comparing the iPad PRO and Air 2 cases

The French publication Nowhereelse revealed in March that the iPad PRO would measure 305.7 x 222.6 x 7.2 mm , compared to the measurements made by the page Arktis , the tablet measurements are quite similar between the two. Although we won’t be able to confirm any of these measurements until Apple officially announces the 12-inch tablet.

Comparing Size with Sleeve
Comparing Size with Sleeve

But in recent weeks, supposed images of what could be sleeves for the next iPad PRO have been leaked, revealing new information about the tablet if we look at its design. It seems that the iPad PRO could have two stereo speakers , located one at the top and one at the bottom, for when we put the tablet in landscape. The case also revealed that the iPad PRO would have one more port on one of its sides , which could be a Lightning connector or even a USB-C port, similar to the one Apple has included in the new MacBook.

But look at the size of the iPad PRO, which will be 12.2 inches, when you compare one of its cases with the Air 2.

In this other one we will be able to appreciate much better the size that would have the 12.2 inches tablet.

Finally we can see the thickness of each of the models and if the measurements published by Nowhereelse are true, the iPad PRO would be a little more than one millimeter thicker than the Air 2.

The iPad PRO could arrive in 2015

The iPad PRO is one of this year’s most anticipated devices and given the latest rumors, which also revealed that Apple could implement the new IGZO LCD technology on its screen, coupled with the leakage of several tablet sleeves, we think the 12+ inch tablet could be closer than ever. Ming-Chi Kuo himself commented that production of the tablet would be delayed until the second quarter of this year , starting production in September.

Let’s not forget that Apple is also planning to renew the iPad Mini range with a Mini 4, which would arrive with new hardware much more powerful than the Mini 3, as it was a disappointment for many users because it was practically the same device with the addition of the Touch ID.

We’ll see what’s left of it and if Apple announces anything new in the next keynote. An iPad PRO of this size would be a big change in Apple’s tablet range , focusing more on working environments or even being used to replace the work we do with a laptop. At the moment we are left with the images of the filtered sleeves that we have known thanks to BGR.

What do you think of the size difference between the iPad PRO and the iPad Air 2? You can leave your impressions in the comments.