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Compare iPad and MacBook Air

161 Comments 30 January 2011, 12:30 Salva Castro

Go ahead and say that my opinion is that an iPad and a MacBook Air are two different devices , focused on users with different interests. However, since many people value their portability and the possibilities offered by both devices I have ventured to present this comparison.

Compare iPad and MacBook AirCompare iPad and MacBook Air

The exercise is done based on the user experience transmitted by both gadgets , the objective is to evaluate one and the other in relation to what one expects from them. Is it a rigorous comparison? It is difficult to establish an objective comparison, or based on a standard criterion, which you will see below is my opinion based on the experience I have with both gadgets, in my case a iPad 16GB Wifi and a MacBook Air 11-inch 1.4GHz 64GB SSD . In other words, it’s only meant to serve as a guide to help some indecisive person make the decision in one direction or another.

Without much more to add, in the extended entry you will find the comparative table with the description of the results of all those aspects that I have had the pleasure to compare, together with the final result, in which I advance that there is no clear winner.

Comparison iPad vs MacBook Air iPad Wifi 16GB MacBook Air 11.6 1. 4GHz 64GB SSD Recommended Option 1 Web browsing On an iPad there are some websites that are not adapted and the fact that they don’t have Flash is a handicap for viewing some contentOn a MacBook Air, even if it doesn’t come with the Flash plugin installed, there are no problems installing it and viewing all kinds of content MacBook Air 2 Photo Viewing The iOS photo application is really good for displaying and viewing slideshows. iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, you can install whatever you want but the experience of viewing photos, even with the touch trackpad is not the same as on an iPad iPad 3 Media playback The iPod app and the applications in iOS for watching videos or creating music are really numerous, Moreover, on the iPad screen one can watch any video very comfortablyInstalling a media center such as XBMC or Plex brings us great possibilities on the Macbook Air, however it is not the same or as comfortable as on an iPad. Of course we can not have all our iTunes library if we do not want to eat the limited disk space iPad 4 Office automation Although it has applications such as the iWork suite, Difficulties in managing documents and working with them comfortably (with a real keyboard) make the iPad not the ideal device for these tasks. Although the screen resolution is a small handicap, MacBook Air is a full-featured laptop that allows you to edit documents, create and play presentations and perform all these tasks without any problems MacBook Air 5 Video games On an iPad you have all the titles you can find on the App Store and you also have the touchscreen facilities (even though this is a double-edged sword)The graphics of the Macbook Air (Nvidia GeForce 320M) allow you to reasonably run many Mac titles, however the offer is not the same and neither is the user experience iPad 6 Multitasking capabilities In version 4. 2 of iOS has similar multitasking capabilities to iPhone 4. But it’s not at all the same as the experience you get in Mac OS XHaving multiple applications open and switching between them using Exposé is a big advantage in MacBook Air MacBook Air 7 Accessing applications Accessing applications on an iPad is direct and simple: just turn on and tap. Plus we have the powerful App Store for access to a brutal amount of apps (for a fee, of course). MacBook Air’s Instant on Recovery mode and the lightning-fast Spotlight (or Quicksilver launcher) allow equally fast access to any installed and supported application on Mac OS X Tie 8 Mail, Social Networking, RSS, Web 2 applications. 0, productivity tools The iOS mail application is very complete. There’s also a wide range of applications to connect with social networks and many other tools that help increase our productivity. This makes the iPad a great ally for this type of task, and the possibilities offered by a MacBook Air are greater, since the range of Twitter clients, Facebook, RSS readers, email clients, and other applications is clearly more varied. It is also true that the user experience in some of them is better on the iPad than on their desktop correspondence. Tie 9 Peripheral connectivity External storage The range of accessories on an iPad is very good. The camera connection kit is a great example of this fact, however, the dock connector is also a limitation, one cannot use any kind of accessory with a USB connection. The two USB connections on Macbook Air allow you to quickly access keyboards, mice, speakers and especially external storage regardless of the format of the files contained in it. MacBook Air 10 Operating System Ease of Use iOS is an operating system that requires no extra attention from the user, it’s simple to say the least, the actions it allows you to perform have nothing to do with those of a traditional operating system. Mac OS X is a complete operating system with all that that entails: minimal computer knowledge at the user level, system maintenance, management of backup applications, more complex installation of the software, and more.

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Temas de interés If you’re really hesitating between the two, consider which aspects of this comparison you weigh more heavily than the rest, consider also that a 16GB Wifi iPad is worth less than half the price of the MacBook, and finally consider what you’re going to use the model you choose for.

Each of the results of the comparison, is based on my experience with both , with the iPad from almost a year ago and with the MacBook since November, is my personal opinion and the one I extract after using both devices continuously and so I wanted to share it with you.

If I had to choose one of the two as my favourite , as the product that I’m best at taking with me everywhere and having everything under control, I’d definitely say the MacBook Air , if they let me choose just one of the two, I’d definitely take this one instead of the iPad, but without a doubt, it’s a decision that has to do with the work I can do with one and with the other, without a doubt, to write, to be able to consult the mail, to navigate and to have the possibility of installing all types of software, the MacBook poses a series of advantages over the iPad. However, I continue to reaffirm the verdict of the comparison: tie . If for a person the most important thing is the multimedia part, playing videos, being connected to social networks like twitter and facebook with specific applications, playing different games with the touch controls, without a doubt that’s what the iPad is best for.

It is up to you to decide which of the two to buy when the time comes by weighing each of the results of the comparison according to your interests.

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